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June 10, 2018


ICO result

Let´s build the first participative, regulated, tokenized and cryptocurrency compatible bank

Token : USH
Type : ERC20
Price (USH) 0.70€ /USH
Hardcap : 1M€
Bonus : 10%

Hush create a regulated, participatory and tokenized neobanque project that offers you simplified services to place and use your fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

  • An IBAN account for your currencies.
  • A portfolio for the main crypto-currencies
  • A Premium payment card
  • Contextualized and geolocalised services, guarantees and insurance
  • A USH token for a shared income and governance for an active and committed community
  • A bank offer with costs under control for all
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An ambitious project developed by a team with a double focus on bank regulation and cryptocurrencies.

Pour financer ce projet, nous croyons que la vente symbolique représente l’avenir de la fondation participative. Ceci est également disponible en anglais a été disponible en anglais a été disponible en anglais? le développement du produit aux partenariats stratégiques.

The USH Token offers several advantages to its owners:

  • 50% of discount on Hush's services if you pay with USH Token
  • A participative , colaborative and contributive voice for Users
  • Badges to reward the most active users
  • Every month , USH are given in reward of badges

A realistic timeline for ICO/Technical development/Licence /Marketing

21 nov 2017

Presentation of Hush ICO

Nov 2017

Online release of

11 Déc 2017

Start of the private sale

Dec 2017

Reinforcement of the operational team (devops / back end development / mobile)

22 Jan 2018

Start PreICO

Jan 2018

Application for a banking licence

16 Mar 2018

End of PreICO

Feb 2018

Reinforcement of the operational team (devops / back office development / mobile)

Mar 2018 platform opening

March 2018

Hush Life presentation with Generali Conciergerie Services

March 2018

Finalisation of the mobile interface

April 2018

Implementation reporting

April 2018

Contractualisation of the contractors who are processing the beta testing

Sept 2018

Launch of Hush

USH Token

  • Jeton: USH
  • Type: ERC20
  • Prix ​​(USH):  0.70 €  / USH
  • Hardcap:  M €

ICO Contributors


Marketing / Bug Bounties / Loyalty


Emergency fund


Founders / Advisors / Partners

Our team project

Eric Charpentier


Alexandra Nemery

UX Director

Max Massat

Community Driver

Franck Hild


Mélanie Descamps


Xavier Frayssignes

‎Webdesigner & Dev front end

Nos conseillers

Kazem Tabrizi


Pierre Storrer


Denys Chalumeau

Saurabh Singla

Marketing Advisor

And now if you have questions or suggestions about the Hush project and its ICO you can contact us :
[email protected]

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